Spicy Chow Mein Challenge!

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Would you like a chance to win $50?

If you can finish a whole bowl of our spicy chow mein within 30 minutes, plus a 5-minute burn time, you will win $50 and be placed onto our Wall of Fame!

Warning! Our Spicy Chow Mein is REALLY HOT! It contains Ghost Peppers, Thai Chili, Habanero, and Carolina Reapers. This challenge should only be tried by those with a high tolerance for spicy food.

It costs $15 to enter. You can enter any time, but we recommend that you call in advance, as it takes a little while to prepare.

Note: We require that you sign a waiver prior to starting the challenge. Ages 18+ only. During the challenge, no beverages are allowed and you cannot use the restroom. If you decide to “tap out” we will provide you with beverages and other agents to help with the spice, and you will instead be entered onto our “Wall of Shame.”

Videos of the challenge on our Facebook page