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Although most of our food still uses Soy sauce with wheat gluten, we have recently acquired gluten-free Tamari sauce, and we have some gluten-free options available on request, please ask; we will be updating our menu with these shortly.

We have keto options. If you choose meat/tofu and vegetables only, such as meat on a lettuce bowl, this should be ketogenic.

All our food is a true fusion of Mexican and Asian flavors, rather than selling them side by side.

Please let us know what allergies you may have when you order, as some recipes may contain trace amounts of certain allergens.

Panda Libre Souvenir cups are $3.99 each (drink included), then $1.50 for refills. In-store only. More merchandise coming soon.

We don’t provide our own delivery, however you can now order online and get delivery through GrubHub!

Yes we do have a drive through.

Yes, we have an enclosed patio with misters for the summer heat, and it is dog friendly.

Yes, as of 7/16/2019 we serve alcohol including a wide selection of Mexican and Asian beers, domestic beer, wine, and margaritas.

Yes, we have free high-speed WiFi for our customers!